What is the Tree Keeper Program?

Is there space for a tree in the greenbelt in front of your house or business? Branch out Burlington’s Tree Keeper Program is bringing trees to people who agree to take care of them.

Every year, volunteers from Branch Out Burlington! transplant trees from the Burlington Community Tree Nursery to sites along the streets of Burlington. The trees need some tender loving care to become established in their new locations. The first year is especially critical.

Through the Tree Keeper Program, we match trees with residents who agree to provide them with some simple care. In addition to getting a tree, Tree Keepers receive free tree care training from local experts.

With help from Tree Keepers, our Community Nursery trees will thrive and provide years of neighborhood beauty.

This program is supported with help from James Winkelman & Morgan Stanley of Burlington, Vermont.

What Does a Tree Keeper Do?

Plant: Tree Keepers help plant trees along their street on the Annual Community Tree Planting Day.

Water: Tree Keepers water the new trees once a week. ( It only adds $2.96 to your city water bill to give a tree all the water it needs in one year.)

Mulch: Weeds steal precious moisture at the tree root zone. The city places mulch around the base of each newly planted tree. Tree Keepers makes sure the mulch stays weed-free.

Watch: Tree Keepers look out for the health of trees. Early detection of injury by animals or people is critical to minimize damage. They check the crown of the tree for discolored foliage or dead branches, and look for wounds caused by lawnmowers or weed whackers.

Tree Keepers monitor the trees growing in their neighborhoods. They contact city tree specialists when they notice a problem.

Why Become a Tree Keeper?

There are many reasons why you should want a tree to be planted where you live or work:

Trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to freshen the air.

Trees trap dust and dirt, and remove pollution particles from the air.

Trees increase property values.

Trees provide shade in the summer, protection from wind in the winter.

Trees give us leaves to make the best compost.

Trees provide habitat for birds.

Trees make your neighborhood a more beautiful place.

Tree Keepers are kept up-to-date with planting techniques and proper tree care. This training can be applied to other gardening projects.

How Can You Become a Tree Keeper?

Simply fill out the registration form below and you will get a call from one of our Tree Keeper Coordinators.

Tree Keeper Registration Form

Have a Tree Question?

Get an answer here:

General Information: Warren Spinner, City Arborist Burlington Dept. of Parks & Rec. 862-8245

William Baron, Forest Specialist VT Dept. of Forests & Parks 879-5681

Pest & Disease Problems: Forest Biology Lab VT Dept. of Forests & Parks 241-3606

Master Gardener Program Univ. of VT 656-5421

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